For the past 38 years, Bob Todd has tirelessly, efficiently and cost-effectively administered the global travel needs for the artists and staff of Blade Agency as well as dozens of employees at spinoff software startups. Our travel has ALWAYS been of mission-critical importance! Online, agentless “discount” ticketing is simply NOT an option. Our associates deserve and must have a highly skilled, knowledgeable professional advocate when a carrier (all too often) announces that “your flight has been delayed.” Bob Todd continues to earn our gratitude, respect and loyalty. We could not have gotten to where we have been without him!!

Charles Steadham

I wanted to follow-up with you on the trip. It was really great. Everything went off without a hitch. The only part that I think we would want to avoid in the future are the rental vans. It actually worked really and is not very expensive; however it is stressful driving them in town. I'd like to try to figure out a better system.

The train to Seattle was fantastic. They gave us our own car at the front of the train, and it was a great trip. It was also an easy light rail/monorail trip to the hotel. I'd like to do the same thing next year.

The accommodations in both cities were great although with the flooding remediation going on at McMenamins, it didn't quite have the same atmosphere as in past years. All the floors were flooded so it was big problem for them. However, they did the best they could, and I think the accommodations for everyone were acceptable. I was actually going back through my emails from the trip yesterday and saw one that you had forwarded from McMenamins that said they were going to be refunding 20% of the room price as a result. I wanted to follow-up on that to see if it was indeed the case and if we should expect a refund check.

Thank you for all of your help on the trip. I think the students had a really great time and aside from some minor tweaks, I think this will be the trip we settle on for the near future.

Dan Manley

"Thank you for reaching out!

We had an amazing time. Wow, was it a trip of a lifetime and we were so grateful to have our portion in Peru planned. We loved the hotels that were selected - their locations were perfect and the hospitality was wonderful. We enjoyed our guides because they were down to earth and easy to get along with. Our favorite city was to visit Ollantaytambo. We really appreciated your guidance. I really think we "did Peru right" because we saw so much in a short amount of time. I'm glad we went with the company you suggested. They actually gave us a beautiful gift before we left, two Pucara Bulls. They were professional and it was clear that we were more than just clients to them.

I continue to rave about the trip and offer to share your name every time someone asks how we planned it.

Again, thank you so much for your guidance and support. This was the best possible honeymoon we could ever have.

Nicole Powley

"I have relied on WCT for my travels for three decades. Whether my concern has been price, convenience or quickness, WCT has always delivered."

Goran Hyden

For the past 15 years Bob Todd and World Class Travel have planned a great variety of trips for my husband and me.

What trips they have been...everything from a two-week Peru adventure to a one month Scandinavian odyssey.

Bob not only knows many locales all over the world, but he also knows the details that are unique to each location. He is an expert at itinerary planning as well as transportation, accommodation and local tips.

Bob is a knowlegeable travel specialist who provides invaluable assistance with every facet of a trip.

Joy and Fredric Bloomstein

We (Central Brazil Mission, Inc. – Project Amazonas: Christ, Life and Health) have been working with World Class Travel (Bob Todd) for the last 15 years in providing airline tickets for our mission work in Brazil. We do medical Amazon Boat Trips each month between February and October. Sometimes even two trips a month. We will have from 10 – 15 individuals for each trip.

We have been able to get the best price on the airfares and have had very few problems in making changes, etc… when they occur.

We would recommend that you give World Class Travel the opportunity to serve you in a very professional way with you travel plans.

Earl Haubner

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