Bob Todd

Agency Owner

I caught the travel bug early in life, in 1970 I traveled with a friend to Japan and a month later turned 19 in Hong Kong. So, my first love was Asia and For 7 years I went 6 times around the world, mostly going back to Japan, Bali, Thailand, Burma, India and Nepal. I spent 4 months traveling alone in India and Nepal going from Ashram to monastery. I ended up in Kopan monastery outside of Kathmandu and spent three months there learning Buddhism and meditation. I inherited the family fortune in 1975 and started importing gift items from Nepal and Hong Kong and traveled to trade shows throughout the USA and back and forth to Asia for 5 years until the business lost some major accounts and collapsed and I was left with a modest home and not much else so I was faced with getting a real job. I began working for Holbrook Travel in their front office and git a great basic education in retail travel agency sales. As year later I went to work for Travel Professionals on a commission basis and enjoyed being reciprocated for my efforts. A year later Travel Professionals was sold and I was faced with going back to an hourly wage or start my own company. In 1983 I founded World Class Travel Service, Inc. I really enjoy selling travel and making vacations memorable for clients. I feel very blessed to be in the travel business for so many years and for the opportunity to travel. I have been over 100 times to Central and South America. Most recently I have been to Norway, Holland, France, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominica, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Argentina, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. I have developed contacts in all these places that make clients experiences more of an authentic cultural encounter. I am working independently now with select clients and welcome you to the tribe.